Night of music and fireworks. The expenses of the chambers to do the party

adminDecember 27, 2018

New Year's Eve in Lisbon rhymes with Terreiro do Paço. The scene at the river makes the joys of many Portuguese and foreigners go to this zone of the city to end the year with concerts and fireworks. Behind the scenes, the bill is no less: just this year, the city of Lisbon spent at least 365,000 euros. Last year, the account was around 650,000 euros.

The music will be responsible for the artists Daniel Pereira Christ and Richie Campbell, who will bring guests such as Ana Bacalhau and Dengaz, respectively. In addition to the music, the party will feature the presentation of Joana Azevedo and Diogo Beja and with a show of fireworks. According to Portal Base, where all public contracts have been broken down, all this had a weight of around 193,000 euros (plus VAT) on the chamber account. However, the party in Lisbon does not last just one day. Goodbye to the year that is almost to say goodbye begins already on the 29th, Saturday, with varied glasses.

Already on Saturday, the artist invites Branko artists such as Carlão and Dino D & # 39; Santiago to heat the night. A concert that costs the pockets of the state 22,000 euros. The 30th Metropolitan Orchestra in Lisbon followed, with a concert costing 27,000 euros. During these three days, the scenographic project (seen with light during the performances), as well as assembly and dismantling will cost Lisbon 60,000 euros. While leasing of sound, light and led equipment will incur expenses of nearly 50,000 euros. On the same portal it is also possible to notice that "machines, equipment, equipment and electrical consumables", as explained in the contract description, cost more than seven thousand and six hundred euros.

Also as part of this party held during the three days in the capital, cleaning services that were reflected in expenses of nearly two thousand euros.

In terms of festivities in Porto, there is currently little available for Portal Base. Nevertheless, the presence of the Pedro Abrunhosa & Caviar committee on New Year's Eve was attached while Carolina Deslandes, at the inauguration of the Christmas lights and the contract for both, cost 60500 in the municipality's coupons.

To the south is the "Arade Music Fest", which takes place at the Arade Congress Center, a fireworks display that costs Lagoa municipality 6000 euros. Value creation to EUR 15,950 when purchasing services for the event.

In Lagos municipality, the music is responsible for the band Amor Electro and DJ Tiago M, an animation with a cost of over 63,000 euros, always values ​​added to VAT. At midnight, it is the right time to see fireworks directly from Plaza del Infante. The light of the light that made the autarchy pay 12,000 euros.

Partying is also what you will not miss in Praça da República, in Tavira, with more animation, music and the famous composition of light in the sky. According to the data described in the Base portal, the acquisition of services for the performance of the music show will cost this municipality Algarve nine thousand and 900 euros.

A little across the country There is no lack of action across the country, and it is also a repetition of city spending, which, as a counterpart, has a night of socializing at zero price for many Portuguese.

D.A.M.A are poster hats during New Year's Eve in Praça Luís de Camões, in Guarda, in the case of "Alta Passagem de Ano". A concert that cost the municipality 36 thousand euros. The opening of the party will rely on the presence of the artist João Pedro Pais, in a performance with the cost of 25,000 euros.

The music is also the major attraction to the party in Santarém. In Jardim da Liberdade, Miguel Araújo ends in "Reino Natal" and sings to all those who know his most famous songs as "Come with me to see the planes". A concert that cost the municipality EUR 34,000.

In Seixal, the new year will cost 64,000 euros to the municipality and include the animation of DJ Luís Varatojo, Riot, a former member of Buraka Som Sistema, and the groundbreaking event of the capture music in Portugal, "It's a Trap Experience".

For 28,000 euros, Praça do Forte in Figueira da Foz will receive Waze, with concert scheduled for December 30, and Wet Bed Gang and Olga Ryazanova on the last night of the year.

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