Nicoleta Luciu, again on TV! Years after he retired from public life, he is back in the spotlight News, Celebrities and Events

adminDecember 29, 2018

They have been good years since he avoided public performances and dedicated himself exclusively to his many families. Now, however, good news for the star fans: Nicoleta Luciu, again on TV!

The beautiful brunette is about to appear on the night of the year in a TVR2 broadcast. The actor accepted the challenge of joining the actors in "Our" sitcom and filmed for the special episode that will turn off the fun on the last day of the year at 19:00.

"I was happy to see some of my former colleagues and I was happy to meet the Spring People actors. The script written by Octavian Strunila has a lot of humor. Denis and I come from a bug in the house, and tenants who are just preparing for New Year's party are happy. I missed playing in the series and I'm glad they thought of me. I'd like to do something further& # 39; acquaintances Nicoleta Luciu.

Nicoleta Luciu, again on TV, after years as a mother away from the screen

When the most female female star in our country, for many years nominated the most beautiful woman in Romania, Nicoleta chose Luciu å Suddenly withdraws from public life and dedicates to their four children, away from the capital. Moreover, a few months ago, the information surprised fans of the star: Although he offered to participate in Asia Express, a show of great success, Nicoleta refused.

Iuliana and Nicoleta Luciu they should have participated in Asia Express & # 39; but they gave up before they started the show. Reason?! Nicoleta's four children would not have done without their mother. Nicoleta Luciu tried to see how things went without her at home, and they didn't do the right thing.

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