Nicole Kidman looks emaciated and disheveled in Destroyer

adminOctober 18, 2018

Nicole Kidman is taking on her most difficult role yet.

The Oscar winner is unrecognizable in Destroyer, an exciting drama about a Los Angeles police detective that was concealed to infiltrate a gang and has to deal with the consequences years later. The trailer begins when Kidman addresses his daughter and shows how she was assigned to an undercover service along with Detective Chris from Sebastian Stan, whom she was in love with.

"I've spent my whole life fighting, jealous, hungry, scared, I want to find something decent, something good," he tells his daughter. "You can be better than me."

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Then, the trailer shows flashes of what Kidman went through while in the season, including suggestions that she might have gone over to the other side at some point. But although she tried to leave that life behind, she is forced to reconcile with her past when it seems that the gang is back in action.

"I just wanted a good thing," he says at the end.

Kidman stopped by PEOPLE Y EWIn the studio during the Toronto International Film Festival, where she talked about how excited she was to interpret the kind of damaged anti-hero paper that is usually reserved for men.

"I grew up in this kind of movies," he said. "I saw [Al] Pacino plays these roles, I saw all the men in the 70s have the opportunity to do it, but I do not have a woman [equivalent]. It's exciting as an actress to have the opportunity to do that. "

The Australian actress is almost unrecognizable in the movie, and Kidman says she enjoyed the opportunity to immerse herself in Bell's complicated psyche.

"This character is also very far away from me, so it's part of the appeal as an actor: going to places where I have not been given the opportunity to go," he said. "It's all about finding characters and stories that [make me] Go, "This is new, but it's still emotionally relevant."

Watch the full interview with Kidman above. Destroyer is scheduled to open on December 25.

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