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adminNovember 24, 2018

British director Nicolas Roeg, who in the films of the 70's era as "Do not look now," "The man who fell to the ground" and "Performance" became the touchstone for many budding filmmakers and moviegoers, died on Friday.

The directors, including Edgar Wright and Duncan Jones, whose father, David Bowie, starred in "The Man Who Fell to Earth," quickly recalled Roeg's visual mastery and complex narrative. "Thank you for making so many brave decisions and giving this kid in his pajamas a continuous love for the movies," Jones wrote.

Edgar Wright said: "I could see" Do not look now in a loop and I will never tire of its complexities. "In a follow-up tweet, Wright said his filmography was" dazzling and fascinating. "

Ted Hope of Amazon Studios wrote: "You left me speechless, you taught me to see and to dream in a different way".

The director of "Amy", Asif Kapadia, incorporated Roeg's film-making style into his tweet, and said that "it rests in a complex structural time traveling visually stunning film peace."

The star of "Orange is the New Black" Natasha Lyonne wrote: "Discovering her films was a blow to the heart that woke up my adolescent mind within reach of the unlimited possibility of telling stories".

Director Bernard Rose said "Do not look now", "Walkabout" and "The man who fell to earth" is the biggest and uninterrupted career in the history of cinema.

Screenwriter and producer Larry Karaszewski called him "One of the best directors ever."

Documentary filmmaker Mark Cousins ​​wrote "Thank you for expanding the movies."

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