Nicolas Cage becomes 55: his worst movies

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On January 7, Nicolas Cage will be 55. First of all, congratulations. His career has less reason to celebrate: A few years ago, while still being one of Hollywood's most successful actors, his career has long gone.

On January 7, Nicolas Cage will be 55. First of all, congratulations. His career has less reason to celebrate: A few years ago, while still being one of Hollywood's most successful actors, his career has long gone.

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In this gallery, we are introducing some of his greatest movie ginger from recent years. The selection is based on the current assessment of the respective film in the movie database "IMDb" and on the review page "Rotten Tomater".

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"Left Behind" (2014): In the film Nicolas Cage plays the pilot Rayford Steele, in whose plane suddenly the passengers disappear without trace. At the same time, people are also dissolved in the air on Earth. After the plane is damaged, the landing is also a dangerous task. Film critic Richard Roper called the script "awful" and described it as three as you could interpret the floor of a basketball court with it. (IMDb: 3,1 / 10 – RT: 1%)

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"Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" (2012): Sequel to "Ghost Rider" (2007), based on the eponymous Marvel Comic. Cage plays ex-stuntman Johnny Blaze, who after a covenant with the devil has superpowers and is protecting a boy from evil forces. As the first part of the movie received mostly negative reviews. Peter Travers from the "Rolling Stone" magazine called him "a terrible mess" with the worst 3-D effects he has ever seen. (IMDb: 4,3 / 10 – RT: 18%)

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"Trespass" (2011): Cage plays the affluent family man Kyle Miller, who one day was taken in by his wife (Nicole Kidman) and his daughter of four men. When Kyle refuses to cooperate with criminals and his wife recognizes one of them, the situation gets worse. For his role, Cage was nominated for a Golden Raspberry as the worst actor. An "honor" that has been given to him five times so far. (IMDb: 5,3 / 10 – RT: 10%)

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"Bangkok Dangerous" (2008): Job killer Joe (Cage) wants to retire. Before that, he must only transport four people to the afterlife. After Joe hesitates with one of the murders, he comes in sight of his clients and police. Björn Becker from the web portal "Filmstarts" described the film as a "lame thriller", which in its history is based on a worn cliché. (IMDb: 5,4 / 10 – RT: 8%)

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"Dying of the Light" (2015): Evan Lake (Cage) acts as an agent at the CIA. After a diagnosis of dementia, he also learns that his deadly archeology is still alive. He then sits down to seek revenge on the terrorist. The film, written and directed by Paul Schrader, was massively redesigned without his consent. Cinema magazine "Cinema" condemned him as an "artistic debacle" in which "five million dollars have been put in the sand." (IMDb: 4,4 / 10 – RT: 9%)

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"Arsenal" (2017): The film tells the story of two brothers Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) and JP (Adrian Grenier). While Mikey is working for the mafia, JP is working for normal employment. Then Mikey and his daughter were kidnapped by gangster Eddie King (Cage). JP then chooses to release the two. Critic Wendy Ide for the observer wrote on the film: "The only thing that is even less convincing than Cage's mustache protest is car crash of a story." (IMDb: 4,0 / 10 – RT: 3%)

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"Wicker Man – Ritual of Evil" (2006): Traffic man Edward Malus (Cage) is in deep crisis. Since being asked by his ex-boyfriend to seek his missing daughter. He then goes to the island of Summersisle, where he soon gets hold of the strange inhabitants and supporters of a pagan sect. The film was nominated in five categories for a Golden Raspberry. The scene, where Cage puts his head in a cage full of bees, is damaged by internet users until today. (IMDb: 3,7 / 10 – RT: 15%)

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"The Last Knights Templar" (2011): Cage is a Crusader Behmen judging a supposedly evil witch in a monastery, where they will rob them of their powers. He goes with a small group on a journey that carries many dangers. The "time" referred to the film as a "grotesque collection of crusade fear and witchcraft", which would also pass as a parody. (IMDb: 5,4 / 10 – RT: 10%)

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"211 – Cops Under Fire" (2018): Cage appoints policeman Mike Chandler, who is due to retire soon. Along with his son-in-law and partner Steve, he will take student Kenny with him. Ironically, on this day, it's a bloody bank robbery, where the three are the first on the spot. Asokan Nirmalarajah from "Filmstarts" attested the film "Holzhammer Dialogues" and "Template-like Figures". In addition, the story is satisfied with "pure Phrasendrescherei" and Nicolas Cage works over long stretches completely uninterested. (IMDb: 4,3 / 10 – RT: 5%)

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