Nicky Jam teaches his followers how to make arepas

adminJanuary 11, 2019

courtesy | The artist received thousands of comments to prepare traditional Venezuelan food

A video has gone viral on social networks, where the singer Nicky Jam seems to dictate a guide on how to make arepas.

In the audiovisual, the singer appears in a kitchen with a friend, whom we suppose is Venezuelan; since it explains how to "flatten" the food made from corn flour.

After making his ice cream, Nicky Jam placed it in the pan to cook and said, "Venezuela!"

This movement caused a furor among his followers, who expressed feelings of love.

"I am in love with you, my dear from Venezuela, I send you thousands of millions of kisses, that if I could give them the best in life, I love you Nicky," until you are good sweet dear. was part of the comments that reggaeton received.

The composer has not been the only one who has prepared Venezuelan food. Cuban journalist Yusnaby Pérez often uploads videos to his social networks of this type, or training of any Venezuelan food, such as hallacas or cachapas.

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