Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is receiving the love of Nicki Minaj after his arrest on Sunday On charges of extortion and firearms.

On Wednesday, the 6ix9ine team announced that their next debut album, "Dummy Boy," will be delayed until further notice. Minaj, who was to appear on the album with guests Kanye West and Tory Lanez, approached Instagram to confirm the news and share her support for the besieged assaulted, whose real name is Daniel Hern√°ndez.

"For reasons that go beyond music, the record company will stop publishing its project for now," Minaj wrote. "Danny, I love you and I pray for you, your mother, your daughter and your mother during this time."

It is not the first time that Minaj, 35, has been left behind 6ix9ine, 22: The kidnapper "Queen" attracted criticism this summer to introduce the newcomer to hip-hop, who was convicted for simulating sexual intercourse and for having flogged a 13-year-old boy in front of the camera. in his song "Fefe", which reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in August. He lacked in his interpretation of the song at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, but it was not his choice.

"I wanted him to act with me in the VMA and somewhere on the line he was not approved for the powers to run," Minaj said during an August episode of Queen Radio. "I do not want anyone to think for a second that I would not invite him to make his successful album, I want everyone to know my character, I really fought, it's what it is, when I meet someone, there's nothing for you." Can you talk about (them)? This is how it is. "

But not everyone seems to be standing with 6ix9ine in his last brush with the law. His close friend and mentor, 50 Cent, posted a photo of them together on Instagram on Monday, subtitled with a cryptic message that apparently distanced itself from the breakup of the "Gummo."

"My son was picked up, I told him not to call me," wrote 50 Cent. "(Expletive) The Fed is in you, silly, call me mom, do not put the FBI on my phone, just positive vibes."

Now facing a life in prison, 6ix9ine was denied bail on Monday after a prosecutor said there was evidence that he led or participated in multiple acts of gang violence.

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