Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj reveals that her current boyfriend fell in love with her before fame entertainment

adminJanuary 8, 2019

So far almost all the information known about the new relationship to Nicki Minaj has transcended through social networks and by explicit decision of the rapper, who decided to share the first pictures with his boy Kenneth & # 39; Zoo & # 39; Pett last December.

Almost automatically, countless stories began to emerge about the criminal past Kenneth, which appears in the registry of sexual assailants of the state New York and he earned a seven-year sentence for a man's death in 2002. Despite the criticism that counted him as a result of his affiliation with a former judge, Nicki he has continued to defend his partner – among other things, he argued that the rape complaint against him was unfair and false because it had been filed by the victim's mother as revenge – and replied to his comments Instagram to try to clean up his reputation or thank for the support he has received from his fans.

In her latest publications on this platform, the music star has revealed more details about her love story: some perhaps too intimate, such as the number of times they have sex each night –"Three or four on average, six is ​​a bit too much, my friend", has ensured to correct a fan who speculated that the figure should be even higher, and others more tender, like the way they met.

"He still liked my body before I had this great fun that was typical of the neighborhood, before fame and money, he fought with my girlfriend because he didn't want to be his girl, he has always been a little crazy. The moment is all …", Confirmed Nicki, confirms the theory that had been mixed from the start, both of which grew up in the same environment in New York.

Given it Kenneth is not given to using social networks that Nicki has said, she has been responsible for uncovering in her name her most tender side and what she has been able to contribute to her life, so that her proposal of marriage has taken hold of so much quickly.

"He's the male version of my best friend TT [Tyesha Kollore]. Both are able to make me calm me with just a look, a hug or a word, that's something I remember all the time. They are my calm. Because they know me since I was a child, I suppose they are able to understand in a different way to everyone else, "the artist sarcastically, who could not resist remembering how they used to hate TT and Kenneth when they three They were younger.

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