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adminDecember 27, 2018

The investigation of the complaint by Argentine actress Thelma Fardín, before the Nicaraguan authorities against actor Juan Darthés, remains, his lawyer Sabrina Cartabia told the media about compensation in that country.

The statement from the lawyer of Thelma Fardín arises after a lawyer, and several media in Argentina reported that the complaint against Juan Darthés was intended.

Thelma Fardín condemned before the public ministry of Nicaragua had been raped by Darthés in 2009, when they toured this country with the cast of Ugly Duckling, of whom they were both part.

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"We are talking to Dr. Sandra Dinarte Cárcamo, co-director of the Nicaragua crime crimes bureau. The prosecutor confirmed that the process is in the investigation phase and has confirmed that some news of the process will first be notified to Thelma," said the Argentine actor's media attorney that country.

For its part, the Argentine Foreign Ministry and the specialized unit for violence against women (UFEM), El Clarin told Avis of Argentina that they collaborated with the Nicaraguan authorities so that through an "international warrant", both countries can work together in investigations .

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"The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs is collaborating with administrative procedures necessary to connect with the Nicaraguan authorities," said Sandra Dinarte.

The lawyer of the Thelma Fardín Manifesto who is currently not advanced because the legal complex in Nicaragua is on holiday but they hope to receive news when they return to their work.

Mariela Labozzetta, director of UFEM, explained the El Clarín newspaper that they were "establishing communication with the Nicaraguan prosecutor through the areas of international cooperation, being in touch and offering cooperation in the investigation of Argentina".

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The case of Thelma Fardín has caused great controversy, and according to her lawyer, she is very shocked by the consequence of her complaint.

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