New Year's Eve – TV

adminDecember 29, 2018

Competitors to Married at First Sight invited Portuguese to spend another New Year in their company for a party with dinner and much entertainment from 8.30 in company of Sonia, Francisco, Graça, Daniela, Lydia and Isabel.

However, only three days from the date of the new year has changed. it TV7 days said he contacted the event and spoke to the person responsible for the label, Isabel Fonseca, who assured that the new year will not happen. "We will not be able to proceed with the event," he says, assuring that it has been canceled due to logistical and organizational issues.

"There was something going on between us, but in the meantime we had many interested people. The space should not accommodate the amount of people we wanted, and we did not prefer to move on," he explains.

Some of the competitors will also not be present, so the organization prefers to postpone until 2019.

The magazine Two days contacted Francisco Gouveia, competitor of the program, to know his version. The competitor says they thought it was best not to party, since the show "hasn't finished yet." "We thought it was good to wait. The contract only ends on January 1, 2019," he adds.

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