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adminDecember 31, 2018

What apps do we need for today's New Year's Eve at home, club, or street? We provide recommendations for Android smartphones, iPhone and iPad. Congratulations New Year 2019!

Who is celebrating New Year first? This and other interesting information about the turn of the year here in the video:

Reach our app New Year's Eve 2018/2019 recommendations – starting with time:

Countdown app for iPhone and Android smartphone

That no one missed 0:00 clock! Some countdown programs for Android even work as background on the home screen. On iOS this is not possible to get countdown of iPhone owners anyway.

For iPhone:

New Year's countdown

For Android smartphones:

New Year's countdown

Free and reduced apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac for the weekend.

Lead pour on iPhone and Android

Leading must not miss out on New Year's Eve. What will the future bring? The throwing numbers tell us. To save yourself, use virtual versions for your smartphone.

In the iPhone app Bleigießen We use the tools available to heat the wire (well, actually use tin or wax these days) and pour it into a dish. The developer promises "absolutely random characters". As with real casting we must identify an object – often not easy … Thanks to the integrated lexicon we find in the app the corresponding meaning as an oracle for our personal year 2019. Is 1.09 Euro worth it:

Lead pouring ...

For Android smartphones, we haven't found any sensible app that can be done without a real set. Therefore, there are alternatives:

Kaave - Kaffeesatzlesen

Clairvoyant crystal ball

Horoscope App 2019 for New Year's Eve

If you do not want to give the management, but the stars speak, download a horoscope program. Here is the preview for the entire year 2019. Very funny, if you read each other. But maybe not if you believe it …

For iPhone:

My horoscope Pro

For Android smartphones:

My horoscope

By the way, I just think about it Gummy bear oracle: Draw five bears and find out the color interpretation from the book "". The bears are always right! And then you can eat them. Much more environmentally friendly than lead casting.

New Year's Cocktails

Fruity drinks with and without alcohol succeed with cocktail applications. Just don't forget to quickly buy the ingredients!


Cocktail Flow


My cocktail bar


If the party needs to be fueled: Mrs. Horst is a drinking game where you have to be sober at least to remember the rules. Since alcohol is harmful not only to the liver but also to the brain, the game can certainly play with chamomile tea. Or undressing. Or what do I know?


Drink Game App


Drink Game App

As an alternative Duty or truth, the classic among the festivals, is recommended. The app stores offer many applications with different levels of intimacy.

For iOS, for example:

Truth or Duty?


Truth or Duty

Winter offers on Amazon

Promille limiter as New Year's app

Do you sometimes drink over your thirst and write embarrassing messages or Facebook posts? Use this iOS keyboard and place it in the right place Drunk modeThen nothing is pressing (unless you get the idea of ​​calling another keyboard …).

Drunk Mode Keypad - Prevents subtitling When it's full

On Android devices, you can limit your smartphone usage even further:

Drunk Text Blocker

alcohol calculator Try to determine the personal alcohol level. Enter weight etc. as well as the number of drinks, and you get an approximate idea. Of course, this cannot replace a real alcohol test (see). The App for Addiction and Drug Coordination Vienna:

promille check

alcohol calculator

Music for New Year's Eve party 2018/2019

For the private party you need the right music mix. djay helps the hobby DJ to get seamless transitions between songs.

iOS app:

djay - DJ App & Mixer

For Android devices:

Djay FREE - DJ Mix Remix Music

Nice party!

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