New Year's Eve 2019. Pro TV, Las Hot Hotfil in 2016, Celentano's poetry episode. Antena 1 goes with Dan Black. TVR 1 and TVR 2 have a number of special programs

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New Year's Eve 2019. Pro TV, Las Hot Hotfil in 2016, Celentano's poetry episode. Antena 1 goes with Dan Black. TVR 1 and TVR 2 have a number of special programs

Which programs have TV prepared for New Year's Eve 2019. Pro TV and Prima TV watch movies, while Antena 1, Channel D, TVR 1, TVR 2 and National TV have special programs with comics and musical moments. also presents 2019 New Year's Eve programs prepared by central TV stations:

For TV

As in previous years, the station has not prepared any special New Year program. Only movies.

20.30 Laugh hot, the rediscovery of the episode of December 1, 2016, where Celentano spoke poetry, written by the same interpreter, Adrian Văncică. (Details HERE)

From 23:00 Mortdecai, a comedy starring Johnny Depp's actress.

Antena 1

20.00Show it that way, entertainment program presented by Liviu Vârciu and Andrei Ştefănescu

22.45"New Year's Eve", presented by Dan Negru for the 19th time. The masks on stage will be the most varied, from Obelix and Vlad the Impaler, to one of the Ninja Turtles or A Sabah Nur, X-Man – Apocalypse, Notre Dame's Cock, Frankenstein, Smallfoot, Skeleton in the animated movie " Coco, Grinch, Pacali and even a beautiful Alien. (about Antena 1 New Year's Eve HERE)

PHOTO. Antena 1 New Year's Eve

Channel D

From 20:00 begins the fifth season "Well done, you have style!", presented by Ilinca Vandici. In the first edition, the 10 girls will compete.

From 22:00 – New Year's Eve on Channel D will be named Teo Show New Year and presented by Teo Trandafir. The station's stars will play in scenes inspired by the famous "Various Brigade", "Hiring a Nudge," "Letting You Make a Gift," or "Typing Sample". (largely on New Year's Channel D programs, HERE)

First TV

  • The first TV station grew Romanian, with three films: Dacia (20.30) caution (22.30) and Why do the bells, Mitica? (1.15)


  • From 20.30 start "New Year's Eve 2019"Where are planned moments from the archives of New Year's programs from the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's. Cartoon moments signed by actors such as Amza Pellea, Dem Radulescu, Tamara Buciuceanu, Stela Popescu or Stefan Banica.
  • From 0:15, practitioner Elise Stan will present her selection of Romanian music performed by artists such as: Maria Tănase, Romica Puceanu, Ileana Sărăroiu, Maria Lătăreţu, Gică Petrescu, Frumiţă Lambru, Gabi Luncă etc.
  • From 3:15 is planned recordings from the 19th century from Constitution Square, a show of artists of the moment: Delia, Carla's Dreams, Smiley, The Motans, Antonia, Nicoleta Nuca, Mark Stan, Alex Calancea and Wolves, Irina Rimes, Vescan, Late Night, Dorian Popa or Vanotek & Lori. (largely on New Year's Eve TVR 1, HERE)


  • From 19:00 A special sitcom episode is planned ourwhere coach Ioan Andone, singer Lulu and actors Denis Ştefan and Nicoleta Luciu will be invited.
  • From 19:27The New Year's Galawhere famous moments from the anthology of Romanian humor are planned, as well as "humor to the day" scenes, by the lyrics of the authors Eugen Dumitru, Cornel Udrea, Viorel Cacoveanu and Dragoş Stoica.
  • From 21:30 is visible Good New Year's show, with Toni Grecu and the Happy Show team. Also, awards for the year of involuntary comedy are scheduled, under generic: The Golden Laugh Awards.
  • At 23:05 start Fuegovelion, presented by Paul Surugiu – Fuego. The show includes two teams: Slăgăroşilor and Poporului, both represented by Romanian artists.
  • From 1:15 is planned Clemens party, with Nelu Ploiesteanu, Constantin Enceanu and Taraful of Clejani.
  • From 2:45 is the classic Romanian comedy "B. D. in the mountains and the sea"(Romania, 1971), directed by Mircea Dragan.
  • From 4:28 – His musical moment Gica Petrescu, reunited under the title – "Pour a drink!" (on New Year's Eve on TVR 2, HERE)

National TV

  • Case National TV, by Micula Brothers, has a New Year's Eve in two. Starting at 8 pm "We have New Year's Eve"Special program presented by Corina Chiriac, Aurel Tamas and Jeni Nicolau.
  • From 00.30 – The second part of New Year's Eve moves to the inn, with Jeni Nicolau hosted. Guests will be named as Constantin Enceanu, Cornel Borza, Nelu Vlad from Azur, Nicolae Datcu.

Case Favorite TV, part of the same group makes New Year's Eve in three parts: 19:00 – 21:00 The Advahov Brothers and invitations. from 21.00 – 00.15 – Master Botgros with the orchestra "Lăutarii" from Chisinau and guests. And from 00.15 – 7.00 – People and party music.

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