New Year's Eve 2019 in Bucharest: Where can I spend the night of the residents of Bucharest

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This year, two New Year's Eve will be organized in Bucharest. One will be in the constitution and the other in the Titan Park, and both will sing more artists, the entrance is free. Metro and STB will run all night.

Picture of New Year's Eve 2019 in Bucharest: Where can capital residents spend the night

New Year's Eve 2019 in Bucharest: Where can I spend Bucharest


This year's New Year's Eve, organized by the Town Hall in the Constitution, will include artists such as Delia, Smiley or Carla's Dreams, and the special guest will be the ATB International DJ and the years begin at 19.30. The entrance will be free. Delia, Carla's Dreams, Smiley, The Motans, Antonia, Nicoleta Nuca, Mark Stan, Alex Calancea and Wolves, Irina Rimes, Vescan, Late Night, Dorian Popa, Vanotek and Lori are the artists who will perform on New Year's Eve the Capital City Hall in constitution square.

"As every year, the concert will be an exceptional event, where one of Bucharest's flagship buildings – the parliament palace – is part of the show scene of the show. On this occasion, personalities from Romanian music will be loved by all ages climbing on the stage created in the foundations, and various musical styles and spectacular scenography will train the audience throughout the evening, says a PMB statement.

According to the source source, the Romanian artists are added to "a special guest, the international DJ André Tanneberger, known as the ATB scene, which will mix live at the Constitution Square. The evening ends with a fireworks display."

Titan Park:

Another party in the capital is organized by City Hall 3, the only sectoral town hall that organizes such an event.

"City Hall in 3rd district prepared a complex show, with a symbolic cargo, where artists of the Romanian scene will perform, including: Alifantis & ZAN, Byron, Lidia Buble, Silviu Biriş, ROA, Vunk, Adrian Naidin, Mihai Mărgineanu, Carla's Dreams, "reports District 3 City Hall representatives.

The event takes place in Titan Park from 7 pm and will be presented by Răzvan Simion.

Brewery H:

At the restaurant, New Year's Eve can also cost 750 lei. Those who do not want to spend New Year's Eve can choose a restaurant party. For example, at Brewery H, New Year's Eve costs 450 to 750 lei this year, and this sum includes the traditional meal in several ways, as well as drinks, but also a Delia transition.

Road traffic, closed in the area to the parliament palace

"On the evening of December 31," New Year's Eve 2018-2019 "will take place at the foundation site. For a smooth running of the event, road traffic will be limited during December 31, 2018, from 13.00 to 1.01.2019, until 11.00. 6am on Unirii Blvd., the perimeter between IC Bratianu and Constitution Square (including the two bridges adjacent to it), but also on Liberty Blvd, the segment of the road between Calea 13 Septembrie and United Nations Bd., "According to a communication sent by Road Brigade.

According to the specified source, detour routes are as follows:

– Calea 13 Septembrie – Libertatii Boulevard – Regina Maria Boulevard;

– Calea 13 Septembrie – Str. Izvor-Bd United Nations – Spl. independence,

– Corneliu Coposu – Spl. Independence – UN – Str. spring;

– Unirii – Spl. Independence – UN – Str. Izvor.

Subway and tram 41 will run all night

STB (formerly RATB) announces that on New Year's Eve it will complement night-time transport, linking the Bucharest neighborhood to key areas. Trams 1/10 and 41 will run all night in 30 minutes.

"Bucharest Transport Company STB SA will deliver public transport throughout New Year's Eve with all night lines converging to the central area (N102, N104, N105, N106, N107, N108, N109, N110, N111, N112, N114, N115, N111, N117, N117, N115, N116, N117, N117 , N119, N121), "says a STB release released Friday.

STB SA will also keep tram lines 1, 10 and 41 running throughout the night, circulating within 30 minutes.

"On January 1 and 2, public transport runs according to a schedule that corresponds to a Sunday," STB said.

Metrorex announces that the subway will run all night.

"As every year, Metrorex is available to its passengers and on the night of December 31, 2018 / January 1, 2019, the subway stations will run between 00:00 and 01:00 within 10 minutes and from 1:00 to 00:00 until At 5:00 in 20 minutes, Metrorex will introduce more trains according to the passenger flow, Metrorex representatives say.

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