New video of Miss Colombia appears, but this time appear in "Without sines yes it's paradise"

adminDecember 28, 2018

The same Instagram account who revealed Valeria's participation in the program presented by Dr. Polo, also shared a small scene where you can see Miss Colombia in the second part of & # 39; Without sin, it's paradise & # 39 ;.

In this video, Valeria comes out in a pink shorts and a white bra. In addition, he communicates with someone via a radio and notifies him "They are here."

Although the stage lasts very little, Valeria can be undoubtedly recognized and takes its first steps in the world of acting.

It should be remembered recently Miss Colombia was criticized for acting in the chapter "Jalando la srca" of the "Caso Cerrado" program, where he was presented as witness to the defendant under the pseudonym of Laura.

Valeria Morales, Miss Colombia.

Meanwhile, telenovela has Sin senos si hay paraíso 2 & # 39; the amazing achievement to Carmen Villalobos, Majida Issa, Carolina Gaitán, Fabian Ríos, Gregorio Pernia, among other things.

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