New report: "Up and At & # 39; Em West Coast Energy" by Meghan Markle has baffled Palace staff

adminNovember 20, 2018

The Dutchess of Sussex photographed at Tupou College on the Tonga section of the autumn royal tour, October 26, 2018.

By Karwai Tang / WireImage.

It has been a few strange weeks for those of scarcity Meghan MarkleRelated reports in the British press! First, there was a somewhat explosive claim, seemingly out of nowhere, that the Queen had vetoed Meghan's first option for a Real wedding tiara, even talking to Prince Harry In this regard (before this report, most of the coverage of the relationship between the queen and Meghan had indicated that the two were getting along). Then came the news that Meghan's personal assistant, known only, mysteriously, as "Melissa", had left the job, in unclear circumstances.

Now, at Meghan's six-month mark as a real member, while the United States establishments as We weekly sounding about its existence of "fairy tale", the British press seems to continue with this current narrative that there is more tension than we previously believed (it is worth noting that the previous "plot driver" for them, the antics of Meghan's family, has been somewhat muted in the last month, since we have not heard much of Samantha or Thomas). A long Daily mail The weekend report, linked to the six-month anniversary, describes it as "Hurricane Meghan" and the appointment "getting up at 5 AM, bombing the assistants with texts and their way of raising their eyebrows". when reference is made to the fact that she … wakes up early like a heinous offense.

The crux of the report is based on this idea that, somehow, the way Meghan handles her work is not what Palace staff is used to. She sends, clinging to her fascination, "six or seven" text messages a day to Palace attendees, according to the report, which contains "ideas and requests". (Imagine that this Palace staff works in a millennial office in Slack; dream of the days in which the "six or seven texts" of a chief were considered). In addition, it is said that Meghan wakes up at 5 in the morning. and has an "incessant flow of ideas on how to configure its role". (According to reports, he has been meeting with groups of British citizens, involved in cases, in a series of "covert" meetings). Your environment is described as a brand of energy & # 39; up and at & # 39; em "West Coast", which makes us wonder how Daily mail I would describe East Coast Energy, if that is the bar.

The rest of the piece hits many of the usual points:She has many friends from Hollywood! The queen is not thrilled with the clothes she wears! They spend most of their time in their country house! Presumably, Meghan is not too worried about any of this, but we hope that Harry, at least, has made some kind of joke this morning, while moving through his phone in the vein of "Wow, sending another of his celebrities" in & # 39; em & # 39; em TEXTS ".

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