New Prime Video: Here are the movies and series that are included in the directory in December

adminNovember 30, 2018

Series, Movies, Documentary Movies … Here is the list of new content included in the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.


Deutsch-Les-Landes – Season 1 – 30 November

Jiscalosse an idyllic village in the Landes department is on the brink of bankruptcy. The mayor (Marie-Anne Chazel) decides to sell a part of the municipality to an eccentric Bavarian CEO who installs his company and its employees there. Attention to clashes of cultures!

Farina: Cocaine Coast – Season 1 – December 1st

Sito Minanco, a sinner experienced in handling vessels, begins to work in a tobacco smuggling ring operated by Vicente Otero Pérez, known as "Terito". The latter is the leader of the Galician clans of Ria de Arousa. Clans in the region are trying to launch a hashish trafficking network. Sito contacts traffickers who want to introduce cocaine to Europe.

Alex – Prime Video Exclusive – Season 1 – December 1st

The good doctor – Season 1 – December 1st

Keep faith – Season 1 – December 1st

Bank quarter – season 1 – 1 December

We are all strangers – December 1st

The amazing wife Maisel – Season 2 – Original Bonus – December 5th

Movies and documentaries

Steven Gerrard: Make Us Dream (Original and Subtitle Version) – Prime Original – December

An iconic Liverpool player, Steven Gerrard, played for Reds from 1998 to 2015. For 17 years, the player has won 1 league of champions, 1 UEFA Cup, 2 European Supercups and several national cups. The documentary makes us dream focuses on the man behind the legend, his loyalty to the club Mersey and his biggest regret: not to have won the English Premier League.

Elisabeth Harvest – Prime Video Exclusive – December 5th

Super-Prime Video Exclusive – December 12th

Breath – Prime Video Exclusive – December 14th

Demoiselles de Rochefort – December 15th

Jules and Jim – December 15th

Umbrellas in Cherbourg – December 15th

Stolen kisses – December 15th

Eskeskinn – December 15th

The last subway – December 15th

Fahrenheit 9/11 – Prime Video Exclusive – December 20th

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