New in Spider-Verse Clip presents Miles to Spider-Gwen

adminNovember 29, 2018

Just some Spider-Men, shopping casual with a bagel. You know, nothing unusual.
Picture: Sony Pictures Animation

See, when a particular daddy Peter Parker becomes your Spider Mentor, there will be certain things you learn when you go. Like saying, how to avoid death from unfortunate falls / mad scientists with laser guns through the power of cloth.

In the wake of today's revision embargo on Enter the spider verse (which apparently is very good!), Sony has released a new extended clip from the movie that looks … well, actually one much of things happening.

Miles and Peter break into an Alchemax and try to mix despite wandering around in bright red and blue spider suits. Miles learns for webswing for the first time from his incredibly bad teacher. And of course, the great arrival of the radioactive (and soon to be movie starring) Spider-Gwen! But even with so much happening, this whole clip is just a pleasure to look at.

It's gorgeous and stylish as the sweet little bonk graphics when Miles throws a bagel back to one of the persecuted scientists, who literally just say "Bagel!" "The shooter between Pete and Miles is great, and so you have Gwen's incredibly rocking entrance, complete with crying guitars probably supposed to be a nod to her band member's life as part of Mary Janes on her own world. It's so funny. I can not wait to see more of this movie.

We must not wait too long to see more-Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Fresh opens December 14th. But when it looks this well, it might as well be a whole life away!

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