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adminJanuary 8, 2019

On December 27, 2018, some offensive messages against journalists Julián Martínez and Daniel Coronell were published from the official Twitter account for Superintendence of Notaries and Registration. Two days later, on December 29, Carlos Alberto García admitted publicly that he was the one who performed the trills from the account of the unit where he worked as a communications consultant.

"I wish publicly, through this statement, to apologize to journalists Daniel Coronell and Julián Martínez to whom in a moment of warmth I attacked with insulting and illegal words through two unfortunate and abusive trills, "Garcia said in a first statement issued during that day, also taking off the Superintendence.

Now Garcia gives another statement in which he repeats the apology request to journalists and, in addition, Extends its corrections to the Jewish community.

"I acknowledge that they are worthy, whole people, who enjoy a good name, are venerable and have a good reputation; The same recognition and respect I feel for the Jewish community"says the statement.

Although Carlos García retired to Coronell and Martínez, Marco Sermoneta, Israel's Ambassador to Colombia, pulled through his Twitter account that the defense minister, Gloria María Borrero, "condemns anti-Semitic trills", then It was also mentioned in the insults of the Jewish community.

Similarly, the journalist assures in this second statement The super-trend has no connection with the unfortunate event.

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