Neville invokes the fake Instagram account on the WWE launch statement

adminNovember 24, 2018

Neville's departure from the WWE on October 9, 2017 was one of the biggest wrestlers in the last year.

We never knew the exact reason why the former cruiserweight champion went, although most assumed it had to do with creative frustrations. WWE kept Neville on his contract and could not run for any other wrestling company until recently when WWE and reached an agreement on a release.

Neville has been working for Dragon Gate since his WWE launch with his old PAC name.

A fake Instagram account appeared (already north of 4,000 followers) and made a statement about Neville's departure from the WWE.

The fake account wrote: "It was not really Enzo why I left, I do not hate the boy, I was just upset in the backstage, and putting the title on it was bad, especially exceeding me, it was worth more than my work" to the workers, that's why I I went, "wrote PAC (Neville).

The impostor continued saying: "I do not agree with my reservation."

It turns out that we still do not know with certainty why Neville left.

(Photo: @PacWrestler)

It did not take long for the real Neville / PAC to jump to their Twitter page and call the fake page.

Neville was a two-time WWE cruiserweight champion, having renewed his career with a belt race throughout 2017. He originally won the title at Royal Rumble in January 2017 and held it until a loss to Akira Tozawa in a RAW episode in August 2017. Neville quickly regained it at SummerSlam six days later and stayed on the belt until No Mercy on September 24, 2017, where he lost it to Amore.

Neville's initial reign in the 197-day cruiserweight championship remains the longest to date.

Neville / PAC will continue to work on Dragon Gate in the immediate future and has also been announced for an appearance with DEFIANT Wrestling outside of the UK in January, one of the original promotions he worked on.

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