"Never get drunk"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Actress Jennifer Lopez knows her role as a megastar. In one of her rare interviews, she now talks about her children and a statement from those who make them very proud.

"I will never fall down the stairs full," said 49-year-old now "Bild am Sonntag". She rather leads "a responsible life, also because I know I'm a public person". Today, their children are basically.

"I wear this title with a lot of pride in front of me"

"Nothing makes me more proud than the moment kids tell me I'm the best mom in the world, and I'm proud to have this title in front of me," said the mother of ten-year-old twins. Max and Emme are from Lopez's marriage to singer Marc Anthony. The couple divorced a few years after the birth of the children. Lopez is currently dating former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

The birth of the children has changed their lives, Lopez continues to tell the newspaper. "All I do today, I do for them, they are my great miracle, the day you become a mother, you know it's no longer about you, they push me on, they motivate everyone Day in, day out."

But despite all the success, she often feels uncertain and doubtful. "Every day everyone does it, right?" Lopez answered the question. Self-confidence must grow. It comes with age. "In my twenties I was completely insecure, my appearance, my body, my song." Everything had questioned her. She never felt she had come 100 percent. There is still some room to improve.

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