Netflix reassesses the French Revolution amazingly

adminNovember 28, 2018

The French Revolution fans can see red. As a relay West France This Wednesday, November 28, Netflix will rewrite this monument in French history. A revised version where the wonderful will actually be in the spotlight. According to the details of the regional daily, a mysterious virus, the blue blood, " spreading within aristocracy and pressing the nobility to attack the people. In a statement taken West France, explains the American platform for movies and series that the series of hero, Joseph Guillotine, investigates this weird epidemic.

A sign inspired by Joseph Ignace Guillotine, a physician and true politician, who had not invented the guillotine himself, but had made it a method of executing the sentenced to death. As the movie starts next year, the series will be produced by the French production company John Doe. If his name is not yet revealed, his script was written by Gaia Guasti and Aurelian Molas, a young novelist who specializes in thrillers.

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