Netflix hack Stan Lee reveals all Marvel movies and TV shows inspired by the comic book legend

adminNovember 20, 2018

The recent death of Marvel comic book legend Stan Lee inspired all kinds of tributes from friends, co-workers and even some Avengers, but a new and subtle wink from Netflix could be the sweetest greeting you'll see this week.

Currently, if you enter Netflix and type "Excelsior" (Lee's phrase and your signature every time it is addressed to fans) in the search bar, Netflix brings together all the movies and TV shows that are currently in service to help you. to create the original characters. .

This means that characters such as Daredevil, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four (which Lee co-created) and the Avengers (for whom he created some characters) stand out. Of course, some of Lee's other heroes, such as Spider-Man, are left out, since they are not currently streaming on Netflix.


And if you're wondering why some Netflix Marvel content, notably Iron Fist and Luke Cage, has been left out, chances are Lee has not created those characters, slightly diluting the impact of his appearance.

Why Jessica Jones was included, who was created by comic book author Brian Michael Bendis and not Lee, is more mysterious, but given the frequency with which Bendis has talked about how Lee inspired his work, we will give you this one. Excelsior, true believers!

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