Netflix: "Clean up with Marie Kondo" motivates, but sucks hell

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The Netflix series "Clean up with Marie Kondo" motivates – but uff, she suck

"New Year, New Me!", You are secretly thinking, while on New Year's Eve just before midnight with a champagne glass in your hand on the TV screen, a countdown.

So here it is, New Year, and although you claim New Year's resolutions are just for losers, you are secretly happy to drink less, be better with your fellow human beings, and generally better structure your life. And the latter begins in your own four walls.

"HAVE!" Chuckle's management at Netflix meanwhile – because now she's caught you where it hurts. Namely, when you call Netflix unsuspectingly on New Year's Day to start the new year, just as fiercely as you did the last, the face of a young Japanese woman laughs at you. Next to her the title: "Clean up with Marie Kondo".

Cleaning up? Argh. I just wanted to relax, Marie.

"With the inspiring Entrümpelungs action," Marie Kondo helps me "with removing contaminated sites" and creating "space for more joie de vivre", promises me Netflix.

And even though I'm still in the New Year's Comfort and really just looking for something relaxed to sing, I immediately click on "Play" – because she somehow triggered me, the nice Marie, who will make me trustworthy with her brilliant smile, that she herself could revolutionize my trade show. Because she meets a nerve that I share with many others: me wishes yes be neater. And especially in New Year's motivation is still very strong.

How this series even fails without mercy to give me a kick in the butt, I would like to explain here.

But first … who is this woman?

Before I come to what it is about – namely, how good this perfectionist for order fans is now – is probably an important question:

Who the hell is Marie Kondo?

Yes, I felt the same way because I had never heard of her before. Shame on my head, because 34-year-old Marie Kondo from Japan is the # 1 best-selling author of The New York Times. What was your most successful book about? Proper advice: Cleaning up. In "Magic Cleaning: How to clean up your life right," she describes "KonMari Method ™", which breaks up the tidiness of five categories that work consecutively ( And this method is now also used in the Netflix series – for American families whose households are brought by Marie Kondo in top form. Although, in fact, less of itself … but more of it right now.

Now, let's face it, what is the use of cleaning up with Marie Kondo?

As enthusiastic as I was about the idea, an expert in the broad field of cleanup and organization would now tell me in no uncertain terms how I get my life (or at least my apartment) on the line: I was bitterly disappointed.

Because dear people, "clean up with Marie Kondo", is not a "package" -! -Show à la "use in 4 walls" (ah, Tine Wittler, good times), but a kind of spiritual workshop on how to telepathy Communicate with your house and talk tough with your worn clothes (yes, seriously).

It began so promising.

In the first episode, we teach the friends (the surname, not the TV series), who are knocked down on who in the household is actually responsible for what. (Spoiler: He works 50, 60 hours a week, so that they not only increase the two children, but also their entire part-time job with their part-time job.) Ok, yet a rather dusty layout, but most recently when he tells her then himself complains about that she has hired a home care for the laundry, my understanding ends.)

Perform Marie Kondo. She laces with the interpreter / umbrella holder for Friend's House. The author apparently speaks only bad English, but with her (really) incessant smile, but can easily communicate their message: "I want to be yourself."

But this salvation is only very slow going on, not to say: not at all.

Because Entrümpelungsmeisterin has informed the house with the idea that it is now cleared, it goes to category 1: clothes. And it has to fly, which gives no luck – but only after a Thanksgiving. Have you ever thanked a tank top labeled "SQUAD GOALS" for its loyal service? Nee? Marie Kondo already.

And after she showed her friends how to dress their clothes nicely, she flirts away – after half an hour, to stay away for a week and let friends, who have nothing to say about the spiritual task, do not enjoy words of Send thanks to Nirvana. "Cleaning with Marie Kondo"? Absolutely not. Probably more "clean up without Marie Kondo ".


Image: Netflix screenshot

With the same task distribution, the whole thing continues every week in kindergarten, garage and kitchen: Marie Kondo makes smiling instructions (Pro Tip: BUY BOX FOR EVERYTHING!) And then you escape under the interpreter's umbrella. Thank you, Mrs Kondo. For … nothingI believe, even if the friends are convinced in the end, they have not only brought their house, but above all their marriage in the foreground. The friends alone have done all the work. Thanks, people!

And yet …

Although I personally have nothing to do with Marie Kondo's delicate clean-up method: I felt inspired after all, because the envy grabbed me when the friends proudly presented their decent garage. Not that I had a garage – or even a car – but the little perfectionist in me wanted a similar, self-cleaning sense of accomplishment.

And of course I wasn't alone.

And yes, some tips are helpful.

Talking about Netflix … How many of these are you looking for?

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