Netflix changes the subscription payment system

adminDecember 30, 2018

The US company has started testing the removal of iTunes payment options as early as August, but has now confirmed that it has begun to make major changes in November.

In the absence of iOS subscription payment options, the iPhone and iPad users must do so through the browser, where they visit the official website.

For IOS users, Netflix subscription fees become more complicated, but the popular streaming service has had good economic reasons for doing so.

Apple stops 30% of all revenue from iOS applications or 15% of recurring revenue generated over a period longer than 12 consecutive months.

Netflix has probably come to the conclusion that if subscription becomes more difficult for some users, they still receive higher revenue if they do not have to pay the percentage due to Apple, writes

The move from Netflix comes months after the US company did the same for Android where it would pay a percentage of Google's revenue.

More and more companies are taking concrete steps to stop paying percentages of revenue to Apple or Google. Spotify also stops paying subscriptions in the app, and game developers like Epic Games have pulled some games from the App Store.

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