Netflix canceled & # 39; Luke Cage & # 39; but fans expect a new series of superheroes to be on the way

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There is officially one less hero guarding the streets of New York City. Netflix canceled the Marvel series. Luke Cage Late on Friday, October 19, just one week after another Marvel superhero show, Iron Fist, was also rejected by the broadcast service. Both of them Luke Cage Y Iron fist were part of a five-series agreement that Marvel achieved with Netflix, which includes Reckless (whose third season premiered on Friday), Jessica Jones and the superhero show as a team, The defenders.

"Unfortunately, Marvel's Luke Cage will not return for a third season," Netflix and Marvel said in a joint statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix are grateful to the dedicated showrunner, the writers, the cast and crew who gave life to the Harlem Hero over the past two seasons, and to all the fans who have supported the series."

According to THR, the program, which focused on an ex-convict, played by Mike Colter with superhuman strength and unwavering skin who fought crime in Harlem, an anonymous source claims that the show was canceled because of creative differences between the crew and the network, and Your inability To agree on the deadlines for a third season. The deadline also reported that the conflict stemmed from Netflix's decision to reduce the third season from 13 episodes to only 10. (Bustle approached Netflix to comment on the reports, but did not receive an immediate response).

Even though Luke Cage He was not as well known for a property as some of Marvel's other heroes, the Colter character quickly became a fan favorite after appearing in the first season of Jessica Jones like the love interest of Krysten Ritter, fighter against crime. The series Luke Cage He also introduced the fans to Misty Knight of Simone Missick, a police officer who became involved with Cage during his investigation of the villain Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) and who was instrumental in the Defenders' fight against the criminal organization, The Hand.


Although the second season of Luke Cage They got mixed reviews from critics, the show continued to be loved by fans, many of whom expected to see more Harlem heroes they had come to know and love.

Naturally, many Marvel fans noticed that the two programs that had been canceled were those that showed most of the colored characters. Although the first season of Iron fist was criticized for its history of cultural appropriation – after all, history make centered on a rich white man, Danny Rand, who is trained by monks and becomes his best warrior; he introduced Asian characters into the Marvel TV universe, and gave them prominent roles as heroes in their own right. Luke CageMeanwhile, it featured black heroes and villains, and offered an antidote to the stories of superheroes, mostly whites, who are most often seen on television and on the big screen.

And so, eliminating that small amount of diversity in the Marvel universe was especially difficult for some fans, who questioned why the shows that featured actors of color were canceled, instead of the shows with white frontline characters.

But for some, the cancellation of Luke Cage is especially disappointing, as it seemed that Season 2 was laying the groundwork for a Daughters of the Dragon series, that I would see Misty and Iron fist& # 39; Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), come out as crime fighters in their own right. According to Missick, the plan was for Luke Cage To establish the friendship of Misty and Colleen, with Season 2 of Iron fist to configure the characters for their own spinoff series.

"In Iron fist In season 2 we see Misty and we can definitely explore that relationship even more, "Missick told Bustle in June. Hopefully it will lead to a separate series. Hopefully it will lead to fans getting Daughters of the Dragon, but we will not know until it happens. I always say, if you tweet it, it will come. "Of course, with the cancellation of both. Iron fist Y Luke Cage, the possibility of a Daughters of the Dragon The series seems much farther now.

However, that has not stopped some fans from requesting a spin-off focused on women to take the place of the dismissed Defenders:

The fans also seemed to think that the cancellation of both Iron fist Y Luke Cage with a week of difference between them, it was the way Netflix organized another possible superhero team, Rental Heroes. The series of comics of the same name originally arose from the Luke Cage The comics and the unshakeable man formed a team with Danny Rand of Iron Fist to start a private investigation and a superhero protection agency in New York City.

And really, what better way to bring these two characters together than by giving them their own derived series?

While fans may have to wait a little longer to find out if Daughters of the Dragon or Heroes For Hire As part of the Netflix game plan, they can, at least, be comfortable with the fact that Luke and Danny are still part of the game. The defenders – Or, at least, they could appear in Jessica Jones or Reckless to help fellow heroes protect the city of New York once more.


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