Netflix: Anime Releases by 2019

adminNovember 28, 2018

Netflix arranged an event devoted to anime in Tokyo this week, Anime Lineup Presentation. The American giant has obviously used the opportunity to present the list of main anime that will be added to its catalog in 2019.

The platform's catalog is not limited to the series or movies, and the company has invested heavily in the anime market.

Between One Punch Man, Castlevania, The Seven Deadly Sins or the excellent Tokyo Ghoul, Full Metal Alchemist and B The Beginning, fans of the genre really have fun.

Netflix, however, is not going to fall asleep on the laurels, and this is precisely what can be concluded with the announcements in the Tokyo event. The US company intends to continue its investments, and many series will be added to its catalog next year.

At the moment, the company is mainly communicated to five animas.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

This stop-motion series will focus on Rilakkuma and Kaoru's daily adventures.

If the name of Rilakkuma is not unknown to you, it is quite normal because this grade of teddy was invented in 2003 and it is present in a lot of production.

The show will be sent from April 19, 2019.

Neo Genesis Evangelion

The presentations are probably no longer necessary and it is normal because Evangelion has marked the story with a hot iron.

The anime takes place in an alternative universe in 2015. Tokyo-3 is being attacked by powerful creatures, angels. Nothing seems to stop them, but researchers will develop a new weapon, EVA. The series follows the adventures of Shinji Ikari, a pilot of one of these mechas.

The series will be released in spring 2019. Netflix will also offer Evangelion Death True and The End Evangelion in parallel.

The Knights of the zodiac Saint Seiya

Another monument of its kind. Popular by Dorothé Club, the Zodiacs Knight's Knight noted childhood in all thirty years.

Anime focuses on the adventures of knights, warriors charged with protecting the last incarnation of the goddess Athena. Each of them carries armor with powers and properties. While everything seems to go well in the best of all worlds, a dark threat suddenly wakes and threatens the world as we know it.

The series will be fully offered in the summer of 2019.


This series is a little less known, but it is still the most interesting.

The action takes place in an alternative gift, a few years before a meteorite collides with our planet. World leaders have launched a secret project for human nutrition, a project called 7SEEDS. It is based on five groups of seven men and seven women who must learn to survive alone on a desert island.

The show will be available on Netflix in April 2019.


This anime takes place decades after Ultraman saved the Earth from the terrible Giant of Light.

Everything seems to be back to normal, but Shin Hayata's thread will suddenly discover strange skills … and discover his fresh identity. He will then choose to be Ultraman again to prevent a foreign invasion.

To discover anime, it will be necessary to wait until April 1, 2019.

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