Netflix, Amazon Prime Video: movies and comics not to be missed in December

adminNovember 30, 2018

The most important venue for all lovers of streaming video: the big movies and the new series offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in December.

Here is the moment of our important meeting for all lovers of streaming video: the big movies and the new series offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. So what should we eat in December, until the end of the year? Answer with this choice of indispensable services to streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Do not miss Netflix

  • Dumplin, film from December 7th

Rosie (Jennifer Aniston), an old one Miss organizes beauty contests. His daughter, Willowdean, quite round, decides to participate in protest. She becomes a source of inspiration for dozens of other teens.

  • Mowgli: the legend of the jungle, film from December 7th

Andy Serkis tackles Rudyard Kipling's masterpiece, who has a young boy on horseback between two worlds, the wild jungle and the men. The film brings together a leading gang with the voice of Christian Bale (Bagheera) and Cate Blanchett (Kaa).

  • heart Plan, French series from 7th of December

Charlotte and Emilie support Elsa, their best friend, eternal bachelor, who can not find love. In the hope that she will gain confidence in herself, the best friends will then call the services of an escort girl …

  • Dogs of Berlin, German series from 7 December

This is the story of two police inspectors who oppose everything but who are forced to accept their will by entering the territory of the war in Berlin underworld.

  • Rome, film from December 14th

By the author and director Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, human sons, Y you mamá también) Rome tells the story of Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a young servant working for a middle class family in Rome, Mexico City in the 1970s.

  • The Guardian, series from December 14th

This series is about the adventures of Hakan, a young Turkish trader whose life changes when he learns that he is bound to a secret and an ancient order to protect Istanbul.

  • Bird Box, film from December 21st

A mysterious force decreases the world's population: to meet it is to die. Malorie must then escape with his two children to win the only place that will likely hold them. In order to survive, they must blind a long and dangerous descent of the river. With Sandra Bullock and John Malkovitch, directed by Susanne Bier.

  • you, series from December 26th

"What would you do for love?" A brilliant bookstore crosses the path of a young writer and is ready to do anything to conquer her.

Do not miss the Amazon Prime Video

  • Deutsch-The-Landes, from 30 November

This is the French event series on Amazon, the first French original creation, with actor Marie-Anne Chazel. It tells the story of Jiscalosse, the village of Landes on the verge of bankruptcy. Martine (Marie-Anne Chazel) mayor of the municipality decides to sell a lot of the municipality to Gerhard Jäger, eccentric CEO of a Bavarian company. It's good for all tastes!

  • The fabulous wife Maisel, season 2, series from 5th of December

Miriam "Midge" Maisel, a 1950-year-old New Yorker, has the life she always dreamed of: a loving man, two beautiful children, a beautiful apartment on the Upper West Side … But a hidden talent will shake her life.

  • Make us dream, documentary available in December

Amazon Prime released this month the biopics of Steven Gerrard, the famous football player of the Liverpool club.

  • Jacques Demy and François Truffaut honored, from December 15th

Since December 15, Amazon has released some classic and inevitable films by Jacques Demy and François Truffaut. Will be available Demoiselles de Rochefort, Umbrellas in Cherbourg, box Leather, Jacques Demy's musicals and Michel Legrand's captivating music, as well as essentials Jules and Jim, Proud kiss and The last subway by François Truffaut. For a year shift while poetry.

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