Nesrin Cavadzade is a member of the Forbidden Apple Series

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Successful actress Nesrin Cavadzade left the movie & # 39; Bizim Hikaye & # 39; on FOX Tv. It is claimed that Cavadzade was involved in the cast of the "Forbidden Apple" series on the same channel.

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Our story of beloved actress Nesrin Cavadzade's series of news about the series had left the audience curious. Our series was announced and confirmed by Nesrin Cavadzade, producer of the series, on social media. According to the spokesman, Nesrin Cavadzade will participate in the Forbidden Apple staff with a critical role, according to claims for the backbone of the Forbidden Apple series.


Allegations of flash transfer to the Forbidden Apple series aroused curiosity. According to the allegations leaked from the media backstage, Cavadzade, who will be joining the series, will be the new scourge of Halit's new wife Yıldız and his former wife's Ender.

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