Neither SIC nor Ana can talk to Hugo – A Television

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Hugo hasn't talked to Ana or to SIC yet. My fiance to one of the most controversial couples of Married at First Sight has not yet given any sign of life to both the wife and the channel who transferred the program.

After repeated attempts to sign the divorce papers, Ana complained that Hugo did not appear to formalize the divorce. The old competitor also complains about the conversations they are trying to make, and that is not possible. Ana suspects her contact is blocked.

In addition to Ana, SIC has also had problems contacting the truck driver. All competitors went through the program to Júlia Pinheiro and Hi Portugal to talk about the experience. Everything but one – Hugo.

Since leaving the program, Hugo does not show signs of life to his bride, and only John, a former competitor of the same program, seems to be able to talk to Hugo.

It should be remembered that it was John who previously shared this week that Hugo would be good and at home, far from anyone who wants him ill, with a clear reference to Ana.

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