Nebahat Çehre & # 39; s will disturb their fans

adminDecember 30, 2018

Nebahat Çehre, one of the successful actors in Turkish theater and cinema, surprised her with her career.

New year to shop alone, the new year will meet at home with the family, he said. Çehre lost his mother Fethiye Müzzeyen Nar in May 2018 and said: "We all want to be together in the new year. We will be with our family and friends at home as before. As you know, we lost my mother this year. my mother won't be with us this year


In addition, the news from a successful actor came to love their lovers. Nebahat Çehre said he will no longer participate in new projects.

Last updated: 3:02 p.m.12/30/2018

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