NBC pays Megyn Kelly $ 30 million in exit agreement: report

adminNovember 20, 2018

Screenshot: NBC News

It feels like a lifetime ago that Megyn Kelly's career was melting because she was defending people who wear black faces, but in reality less than a month has passed. Does not time fly?

Kelly, whose tenebrous tenure on NBC News was interrupted by these black-face comments, has maintained a relatively low profile since then, but his lawyers have been actively negotiating with NBC to complete their $ 69 million deal with the network. . Now according to Page six, the two parties have reached an agreement, and that agreement, reports the gossip column, is reduced to "NBC paying Megyn tons of money to get him out."

Since Page six (emphasis mine):

Sources say that the owner of NBC Comcast will pay Kelly around $ 30 million. She signed a $ 69 million deal when she joined the network after leaving Fox News in 2017.

A source familiar with the negotiations said nothing would happen until next week, admitting: "It's taking a little longer than expected, the paperwork comes and goes."

Another confirmed: "Everyone wants this to end, both Megyn and NBC, and Comcast has the money to pay Megyn in. We thought this would be a deal made a few weeks ago."

A high-level television source added: "NBC decided instead to fight and face a demand for it, and, most importantly, Comcast with all its money … He decided to draw a line below the complete debacle and pay Megyn the full amount owed on his contract to leave.

It's nice to see that Kelly is really suffering the consequences of being a great racist on television and seeing how this miserable association ends exactly as everyone thought he would.

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