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adminJanuary 8, 2019

After almost three months of social media breach, Cathy Lugner returns. And the comeback is pretty revealing.


Cathy Lugner is back. After just under three months of break, Richard Lugner's ex-wife returns to Instagram. And quite free.
But back to the beginning. Why Social Media Break?

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health problems

In mid-October, Cathy reported health problems. On Instagram, the 29-year-old wrote: "Unfortunately, I have struggled with ugly findings for a while, and today I get a new test with some impact results and say she's going to retire" due to health issues, Cathy Lugner continued. Don't worry because "my big family is taking care of me now".

But Cathy also had to take care of her own loved ones. Her grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's dementia, which Cathy explained in the opening example "Celebrities Private – My (almost) Perfect Life" on Sat.1 in November. She wants to take her grandmother in and take care of her. A challenging task for skilled nurses who naturally require a lot of strength.

»Naughty as always"

The more beautiful that Miss Lugner now reports back, and "rude as always," as she writes herself.
With her tongue stretched out, Cathy presents her cleavage, wrapped in a thick layer. The "old" Cathy is back, and the fans are also doing well: "I think it's great to show you how to feel right now!", One of the many comments.

"I'm back .. and sometimes life requires some balance from one .." adds Cathy. Let's hope she finds the balance.

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