Nacho clarified the controversy after visiting Venezuela

adminDecember 31, 2018

December 31, 2018 11:07
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Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as "Nacho", published a video on social networks to clarify the events that generated controversy after the visit to Venezuela.

The singer refused to maintain commercial ties with Aldo Sapienza. He said, however, that the employment relationship broke down when two of the project's partners, whom he called "paisanos", registered the trademark without consulting them, leaving them. "From that moment on I wouldn't know anything else about the restaurant business (…) I have no business in Venezuela."

"Even though I'm no longer a partner of Aldo, he's my friend, and I support him in every effort because he's honest, we've worked together," Mendoza said.

"Nacho" said the whole situation began after a photograph was published with a young woman who has relatives related to the policy. But the singer added that this person has stayed out of politics.

"A young girl who can't make decisions about her mother's beliefs, a little girl who has lived away from it all, her greatest dream is to be the best baker in the world, and she works, she's not a minimum wage member," assured the singer in the material that was published on Instagram during this Sunday night.

The photo was shared by journalist Angie Pérez, and "Nacho" is observed alongside Joselyn Acosta Bertho, daughter of the Minister of Popular Women and Gender Equality, Caryl Bertho.

That if pictures are singing to my 20 and top in chavista's daisy, that if the evidence that I don't know what, if the "investigation work" falls into the armed dangers and the network tramoya. People, in the United States Everyone knows your credit. That if my brothers are Chavistas and work with the government, the last thing I have to antagonize is my blood brothers because no one around me can be what they want. Do I have to open an office with a research team to know who is going to sell a concert because we need to decide with precision where the money comes from or the past of the person hiring? To continue with this is absurd. It is gross of me to follow. Don't ask me more, don't talk to me on the street about this because on my last visit, anyone who ruined me and the one who didn't, seemed to have the answer to the issues. They wrote, "Here it must be done to burn everyone who is a Chavista." Carajo, I don't want it, I'm sorry but no, it's like going back in time and listening to someone saying what you need to put bombs in the neighborhood to disappear them. They said, "here is what you have to do is push for a military intervention", how many do it already? Is it wrong if I go with another task? Why should I do the same? Why not do anything other than what I have done to achieve another result? I never talked about reconciliation with politicians, I talked about reconciliation between us and the truth is that I think it is a very difficult task to take on alone. Excuse my worst impulses with my whole heart, and this excuse applies to the characters I still consider harmful and reflect the worst of us, but I accept that I owe their apology. I will try not to respond more to the negative, although I think if we tell someone that he always takes F in his tests as he is fine, his character will never get better. That is why I will end up telling my countrymen: no, we do not have a good society, no, we are not supportive, no, we are not amazing as we assume today, and for now we all have F as proof of that there is nothing like being Venezuela. Good evening

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