Nabilla launches its cosmetics brand: Already a test in sight?

adminNovember 26, 2018

Our National Nabilla has decided to become a true businesswoman like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner … but beware of dumplings!

In fact, Thomas Vergara's fiance will launch his own cosmetics, NAB Cosmetic, on December 3rd, but many are that subscribers have noticed that there are six lipsticks (suggested for the modest amount of 16 euros each!) As much as another brand already known for fashionistas, nars.

In this context, you can read in the reactions of his announcement: "She copied NARS!""NARS has not yet filed a lawsuit with Nabilla?""Imitation NARS … Very disappointed, I expected something original. In addition, 16 euros is just because it is Nabilla, well."

At the launch of NAB Cosmetic, Nabilla (26) had managed his network: "I have always been a great user of cosmetics, I have always loved beauty products, too, society is following me for it. "

If Nabilla wants to find an empire in the beauty world, she must quickly review her copy … especially since her realm comrade Sarah Fraisou has just launched her range that also contains similarities with NARS. Ouch …

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