Nabilla (already) suspected of plagiarism for her makeup mark

adminNovember 29, 2018

People and royalty

Coldly "NAB Cosmetics", the brand created by Nabilla Benattia, reminds us strangely of the style of another known in the French cosmetics market.

It is through Instism's prism that the former reality star Nabilla presented the first products of his own make-up brand, NAB Cosmetics. But clouds are already on the horizon.

Revealed in the "Angels of Truth" on NRJ12Nabilla Benattia has come a long time since she "Hey! No, but what?". In return, influences, then the column for the show "Touche pas à mon poste! The beautiful brunette adds a new string to the bow by launching its own makeup mark.

"The freedom to be self"

NAB Cosmetics with the slogan "The freedom to be self", the trademark will be officially launched on December 3rd, as indicated by the star of Social Networks at Instagram. To the key? Six matte effective lipsticks and a clear shine that can also be used in top coat. Everything in seasonal shades, ranging from pink to dark red to rosewood, hot caramel and intense red. "The makeup has always been a passion"She writes on the social network. "It's a way for me to build, to move on and to express myself. First, we're wrong, we do too much sometimes, so we'll start again to finally find a style. I'm very happy to start this adventure, a new scene in my life too, and I really hope you enjoy it. "

First disappointments

Not so much, has already responded to someone. Many subscribers to their Instagram account have found good similarities between their products and another known French brand: NARS. Others have even noticed the similarity with Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner's makeup area. "NARS has not yet filed a lawsuit with Nabilla?"asked himself a surfer. Another added to his side: "Imitation NARS? Very disappointed, I expected some original. In addition, 16 euros is just because it is Nabilla, well."

At the moment, it has not mentioned the Nabilla or the Nars brand on the subject. Scissors to follow.

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