Nabila Obeid temporarily pauses the artistic activity: "Sad to my dog ​​Snow … Masrawy

adminNovember 26, 2018


Monday, November 26, 2018

Books – Marwan Tayeb:

Nabila Obaid has refused to read any scenarios related to any movie in the present period because of the dog's snow, Snow, which went a few days ago.

Obaid, in a statement to "Masrawi", expressed deep concern for the dog's death, adding that she will not perform any technical activities only after the end of the psychological state of the bad.

The leaders of the online communities reported that Nabila Obaid had received a performance portraying Deba, Iran's former eminence, in a big budget movie.

The latest work with Nabila Obeid was her participation in a number of cinema, television and radio shows, including the "Kid Nisa 2" series in 2009, Honorary God in the "Lahafa" series in 2015 and recently the "Official papers" series in 2016.

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