"My husband says I look like a stranded whale"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Again and again she shares impersonal stills from her life. Cathy Hummels comments with honest words – and shows a lot of humor.

Currently, Cathy uses Hummel's time in the sun. She relaxes in Dubai and loves to show her fans on Instagram how well she does. The followers are not only happy with many photos with Baby Ludwig, but about real Beach photos of 30 year olds.

On her last snapshot, Cathy is lying on a sunbed. The picture seems to have been taken without her knowledge. She still shared it. "I don't know if it was comfortable, but apparently I lay there a long time," she writes.

"I think he's right"

But that's not all. Unlike a heart and a tear-jerked emoji, footballer Mats Hummels writes, "My husband says I'm looking like a stranded whale. I think he's right."

The followers smile with Cathy, commenting on the image diligently. But only a few agree. Most find words like, "Mats are wrong, more like a graceful watermelon that dries for water, the picture is very good." Someone else writes: "At the sight of me you have already smiled out. Laughter Cathy undoubtedly has her post and the accompanying comment on her site.

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