Music: Paul McCartney, Eternal Beatles

adminNovember 29, 2018

franceinfo, published Wednesday 28 November 2018 at. 11:56

At 76, Paul McCartney is again on top of hit charts, most since 1982. His life after Beatles is almost a flawless journey. It was he who had the great task in 1970 to announce the end of the group and to rebuild his career, nothing was easy. First, someone has left him dead with the Abbey Road wallet where we see a Paul McCartney, the only member of the Beatles barefoot. Even John Lennon will crucify him in the song How do you sleep? Terrible account conversations from an accomplice in almost 200 songs.

Mythical duos

In the 1970s Paul McCartney returned to the stage and concerts with his wings. He signs the James Bond soundtrack entitled Live and Let Die: The tube machine is restored.

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