Müjdat Gezenın's lawyer averted the request to remove the judicial review Mü

adminDecember 28, 2018

Müjdat Gezen launched a survey against Metin Akpınar and appealed to the judicial decision.

Attorney Celal Ülgen filed for Gezen in the name Gezen. He stated that the daughter's daughter was a cancer, that she was treated in the Netherlands, and that her client often visited her daughter. It has been, he said.

Attorney Celal Ülgen, who applied for Istanbul's third criminal court with a claim, reminded that Mujdat Gezen, his client, was punished during the investigation and banned forensic measures to give the police their signature in the country.

My client throughout the life of the Republic of Turkey, Atatürk, the Turkish nation indivisible, which indicates defending the integrity Lawyer Ulgen Müjdat Gezen Art Center founded by his client has stated that it is the world's first and only free school.

In his TV talk in his TV talk, a lawyer named Ülgen stated that he did not intend to offend President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said: "In fact, some humor was being asked to respond critically to the President's words.

The court, his client Mujdat Gezen and other suspects of the text of Metin Akpınar on December 24, 2018, using the provisions of the judicial control of the lawyer Ülgen, Gezen and Akpınar, have banned outflows within the framework of legal control provisions, one day said. during the week to the police station that the decision was signed.


Lawyer Ülgen, who reminded her that the judicial control measures taken for her client were taken under the persecution of the offense that offended the president "," It is known that the decision to offend the president in general has been made about HAGB (Release of the Enlightenment Statement) . As such, it is not necessary to apply any legal control to our client, and the principle of proportionality is also undermined, as there is no relationship between the judicial control and the required penalty, especially in the form of a ban on traveling abroad. Boyle


Lawyer Ülgen, bu The decision to ban departure abroad has been a more stringent sanction decision for our client than the penalty for this crime. Because our daughter's daughter lives in Holland and abroad. The ban on our client traveling abroad was unnecessary because it would cut the communication from the client to his daughter and that would be the method of causing torture to the customer.

Required removal of forensic control provisions

Lawyer Ülgen, the provisions of the judicial control of his client against the provisions required removal. Lawyer Ulgen, the rejection of this request as a Supreme Court with the Anatolian Third Criminal Court in Istanbul sent a request.


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