Mother 47: For Tabea Heynig it wasn't easy first

adminDecember 28, 2018

She fully enjoys her late mother's happiness. In February, Tabea Heynig (48) was first mom – at the age of 47! Her little son Monty has since become the actress's pride and her husband Oliver. However, the little boy has also turned his parents' lives up and down. Especially after her son's birth it has not always been easy for the couple, since the actor under us has now betrayed.

in colorfulInterview, the 48-year-old explained: "We are doing well, but I will lie if I said it was always easy, the first few weeks our little one would just be nursed, and as soon as I threw him, he started screaming." The word "fatigue" got a whole new meaning for her. But her son would easily make up for the difficult times. "If this little creature smiles at me, it only compensates for all the troubles," reveals the soap star.

The actor would have liked to be a mother but she always missed the right man in life. With partner Oliver she has now found this – and the two could hardly be happier with their son.

Tabea Heynig at InTouch Sascha Steinbach / Getty ImagesPhotos Gallery Button
Tabea Heynig on the InTouch "Icons & Idols" event
Tabea Heynig, known from Patrick Hoffmann /

Tabea Heynig, known from "Under us"
Tabea Heynig with his son MontyInstagram / tabeaheynig

Tabea Heynig with his son Monty

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