More and more love! – The love car opens January 2!

adminDecember 27, 2018

Love does not stop at SIC. After the end of Married at First SightOn December 30, the new love affair format begins on January 2nd. Car of Love, which also includes the presentation of Diana Chaves, already has promotional video and promises fun and many surprises.

The dynamics of the format that will replace Married's diaries at First Sight, at 7:00 am, are simple: two strangers travel in a car through and around Lisbon. When you drive, you get to know each other. It is up to the man or woman behind the wheel to decide whether to continue traveling with that partner or to give a trip to the next man.

Finally, the driver chooses a couple and then has the opportunity to spend a romantic weekend.

Married to First Sight on the last stretch

After a Christmas holiday, SIC's premier publication format returns this Thursday, December 27th. In the latest diaries, the show will follow Dave, Eliana, Graça, Luís, Isabel, Cláudio, Daniel and Daniela solo weeks. On the 30th, everyone made the most difficult decision: to marry or get divorce.

The SIC format, which debuted in October, returned to SIC two victories that had long removed it: the lead time for access to early and Sunday night. The program is presented by Diana Chaves lost to nightmares in the kitchen, but has always won the dance with the stars.

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