Monthly earnings more than 450 thousand TL

adminDecember 26, 2018

Buket Aydin, CNN TÜRK & # 39; in 40 guests from the famous player Erkan Petekkaya, made statements on monthly earnings.

Petekkaya said the previous 450,000 TL statement is true, "I am thanking God. I make more than he is now, but I am a person who distributes half of what I earn. My hand is very clear. I invest in The future of my child, the future and the age. When is the money needed? For health, to improve the quality of life a little more, in old age. I win, it is true, but I win. Iyi çok I do not win, everyone wins. "Hundreds of People in these sets bring bread to his house. I have a great responsibility. There are 500-600 people who do it if they multiply their families. I don't know if I play badly, I don't know.

"For free I played very ridiculous."

free several times, and he played ridiculous money, some time after Petekkaya stroked to start making money, "I won money after the white poppy. I make money from him before. Things are not so well known. Sequences you found me in , many from abroad to Turkey The money comes in. Millions of dollars come in. I think the series I am in 80 countries is playing. Thank God, I am also very happy with it. My colleagues have a lot of money in my country, he says.

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