Moderator Michelle Hunziker: Your little daughters are pretty tall now

adminDecember 30, 2018

Updated December 30, 2018, 14:48

Michelle Hunziker likes to let fans share her exciting life via Instagram. Now she inspired her followers with a picture showing the whole family ties – including brine and celeste.

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Michelle Hunziker has everything under control. On Instagram, approx. 3.5 million fans observe almost daily how the presenter gets work and family under one roof. But even private insight is not uncommon on the 46-year-old's social media profile.

While she enjoys setting up with her 22-year-old daughter Aurora (from the marriage of Eros Ramazzotti) for shared pictures or making funny videos, Hunziker now surprises with a very intimate image: the whole family in front of the Christmas tree.

Is that about …?

In addition to her daughter Aurora and her husband Tomaso Trussardi, the still picture shows Hunziker brother Harold and her family, as well as her mother Ineke.

But the focus is on them: Sole and Celeste Hunziker, the two youngest daughters from the Swiss-Italian-born.

They are usually not as well represented on their mother's social media side as their great sister Aurora. The more surprising the surprise now is how big the two have become.

Grinning cheeks in the best way

While the five-year-old brine in her red dress stands well in the front row and seems to smile a bit creepy into the camera, her three-year-old sister Celeste laughs as a honey cake horse. She made herself comfortable on Papa Tomaso's arm.

Hunziker's fans seem to be enthusiastic about the Christmas family image. They can also hardly believe in what has already become of the two youngest. For example, a user writes: "These are brine and celeste? How big are they, and children see how time goes by." (COS)
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