Model Annalize Braakensiek found dead

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Updated January 8, 2019, 8:08

The Australian model Annalize Braakensiek is dead. The police found the 46-year-old body with mental health problems in her home in Sydney on Sunday.

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After her friends hadn't heard anything from Annalize Braakensiek for several days, they cared about the police with concern.

The officers drove to Australia's Sydney apartment, which they had just moved into. They got sad security there: In just 46 years, the model died.

The exact death conditions are still unclear. It is possible that Braakensiek had been in her home for several days before the body was discovered. Police told Guardian that it was not "suspicious situation".

Announce Braakensiek thematic depression on Instagram

If you look at the Instagram profile of model and actor Annalize Braakensiek, the bill is misleading. It gives the impression of living a full life: beautiful, successful and traveling a lot. But the Australian had to contend with mental health problems, which she also openly discussed.

Then she writes to a photo taken December 14 where she makes a headstand: "Everything seems to be twisting and feeling the wrong way around … The challenges of life have been deep, gloomy, difficult, demanding and very scary lately" me and many others I know, but today it is a new day. "

Annalize Braakensiek was an ambassador for "R U OK?", An Australian suicide prevention association. The institution is deeply shocked by the death of 46-year-olds on Instagram and expresses their condolences.

If you or a person close to you are affected by suicidal thoughts, please contact Phone Pastoral Care on 08 00/11 10 – 111 (Germany), 142 (Austria), 143 (Switzerland).

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