Mocked after talking about his "bullshit" on television, the aristocratic teenager meets his critics at Instagram

adminNovember 30, 2018

Carolina de Bourbon would prove she is not as innocent as her.

Two weeks ago, aristocrats were invited to the set of the show "Ça start aujourd" hui "to talk about their lives. The show is called "Aristocracy: Families Like Others?" gave the floor to several people from the nobility. Faustine Bollaert had received Camilla de Bourbon from the two Sicilians. The Italian princess came with her two daughters, Maria Carolina, 15, and Maria Chiara, 13.

The oldest of the two teens had talked about telling their daily lives. She explained that she and her sister spoke 6 languages ​​fluently. But that did not prevent them from being girls like the others. Carolina had trusted that they were also "bullied". "Sometimes we do things with our friends who say "nonsense", launched the teenager.

The host on the show wanted to know more … The girl gave an example: "I remember that once in Monaco, with two friends who are very close to us, we hid behind the trees, and every time people crossed, we made Bouh! to scare them"said the princess. It was enough for the canvas to make fun of this sequence.

The girl, visibly affected, decided to respond to her Instagram account to silence her critics. "Is it possible that some of you have not yet understood that my & # 39; Bouh! & # 39; Was to answer an entirely inappropriate question? Do you really think I should tell the public my possible slip?Carolina wrote and showed to the world that she is not so innocent.

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