"Miss Universe", of 26, Vanessa Ponce, caused a scandal, causing jealousy in Mexico's first lady

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The News of Mexico. After being crowned as Miss World 2018, Vanessa Ponce de León and all the high cards in the beauty contest to explain the beauty message "intentionally" in the competition and the first lady replied with a single emoticon that triggered thousands of comments.

Vanessa Ponce de León won the crown Miss Mexico after passing Mexico's next top model During her fifth season where she also won and recently won December 8, she won the title Miss World with a project that supports one of the indigenous communities that have the greatest impact due to deficiencies in Mexico.

It's about the kids to Navali in Guanajuato for those responsible for raising funds to help them cover their primary niggles while their parents working as day workers go to their jobs. It was the project that won him the challenge of Beauty with the purpose of the competition and with the same intention the president Manuel López Obrador He received him to promote this project of change in society.

The agreement was also attended Julia Morley, president of the Miss World organization with her son, as well as the promoter of national competition in Mexico Fernando Allende who manifested during his speech:

"Mr. President, it is an honor to be here on this site that has marked the story, the history of our country that we deeply love, this is a special day, a historic day for us. purpose, the first Mexican of 68 years to win the title of Miss World and be in front of you with our respect, our admiration for telling you face to face that we are there to support you, to fight for a noble cause, to fight for our children, for our seniors for anyone who needs help, to promote the many beauties that our country has, to tell the world who we really are Mexicans. "

After the video, the president raised it on his Twitter account which received many messages in response, but the one who caused a feeling was the first Mexican lady, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller who with a simple emoji replied:

Reactions to Internet users read:

@ AaronBravo4: "My ex is used to put the same emoji on me before I turn on a world pin until I was cold. "

@walroj: "Andrés Manuel is going to sleep on the couch."

@racaballero:" poor of my president ".

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