Miss France 2019: Anabelle Varane shines before good behavior

adminNovember 26, 2018

Since November 21, 2018, the thirty pretenders to the crown of Miss France 2019 in Mauritius are part of the integration process. And like every year they have a busy program! Having met his fears during a zipline session or participated in the famous test of general culture – where Laurie Derouard (23 years and Miss Center Val de Loire) shone with her 18.5 out of 20 of the average – the beauty drones were entitled to a sporting event, Saturday, November 24, 2018.

It is relaxed that the young women were tested arbitrarily by the general manager of the company Miss France Sylvie Tellier. A race where he had to show his sporty and dynamic side, but not only! "This year we added a sporting event to see the team spirit. In addition, the French like the sport. It's a race, the first three will stand out. It is important to test the dynamics to honor others than in the competition for general culture"said Miss France 2002 as reported by our colleagues from 20 minutes. Being a good sports enthusiast, of course, she participated in course development, which consisted primarily of doing squats and burpees (bodybuilding and aerobic exercise seeking the entire body).

She then participated in a race race on the beach. The thirty candidates were divided into five groups of six people and had to pass a coconut. Despite a dental infection, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Annabelle Varane, was motivated to win the effort and managed to win his team, the red, also composed of Miss Franche-Comté (Lauralyne Demesmay), Miss Ile de France (Alice Quérette), Miss Rhône-Alpes (Pauline Laniro) and Miss Languedoc-Roussillon (Lola Brengues). "I'm doing athletics, that's why"said the sister of Raphael Varane.

Way of good conduct

It was then a more decided but equally important activity, waiting for thirty young women Sunday, November 25th: good behavior. For the second year of the year, Jérémy Côme, coach of "good manners", was in charge of this activity. For an hour, the author of the book The art of mastering codes to feel good everywhere under all circumstances (Editions Michel Lafon) explained where and how to put cutlery, what do the different glasses put on the table or how to fold the napkin. Not to mention the art of eating certain foods.

They also learned to lead a conversation or learned about what they should do or not to say, for exampleenchanted"after meeting a person.

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