Miro Šmajd about his male pride: I love HO!

adminNovember 29, 2018

In 2009, he bumped his head to one of the girls when he acted on the stage at Superstar. Even though he did not win the competition, he joined Eurovision. From the singer's show, 9 years passed and Miro has changed. The singer, who has crossed the threshold thirty, is no longer a hairy boy.

Again, he becomes more visible in your face.

Miro Šmajd about his

Source: TV Markíza, Instagram M.Š.

For a long time he wondered if he would cut his hair. Eventually he took courage and was proud of a short span. Your fans also like their exhausted body. Many would think that without chemistry it is not possible to have such a six pack. But Blondiak completely disagrees.

"For ten and a half years I'm vegan. You can be healthy, have stable muscle mass and state without meat, milk products and flour," says the native east. Strong muscles were supplemented with a healthy diet supplemented with exercise.

Long time it's not a superstar-like guy.

Miro Šmajd about his

Source: Facebook M.S.

Any supplements or "gullies" are strongly rejected. "For God's sake, I really love what the hell gave me." Health and fertility. I love him very much to get impotence and other shit by using steroids, " He revealed for the Czech flash.

Do you use any support supplements during training?

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