Mirabla Doua's strong reaction after Bogdan Ioan won "Romania's Voice"

adminDecember 27, 2018

One of the most virulent reactions was Mirabela Dauer, who is known for saying no names without reservation. The end of this voice in Romania is with me with great disappointment. And I'm sure not just for me. I am a man who likes justice. I'm not saying that the big winner is not a sympathetic, talented and charismatic boy. I'm just saying that the three counterparts he had were visibly better. There is no reason to hide our finger and not recognize anything obvious. Talking about VOCE, some of the three girls deserved the trophy! And it's a show whose slogan is – Only VOCEA counts – I expected it to count! Unfortunately it was not so! Head up, Dora, Mădălina and Alma! You are artists in true sense of the word, and your star will shine higher than dare to dream! I'm sure of it! & # 39 ;, wrote Mirabela Dauer on Facebook.

For the third time, Smiley brought the trophy to his team. The coach was conquered by Bogdan's polls ever since his unseen audience and his ability to translate into the songs he plays. At each stage of the competition, he decided to go ahead with him and the audience picked him the winner tonight. In the grand final, Bogdan sang three songs: Billie Jean – alone, I want to spend my life, love you – along with Feli and in my absence – along with Smiley. Bogdan comes from Constanta and studied architecture in Iasi. He has performed sports dances for up to 17 years. Being the Michael Jackson fan, he began to learn his movements and learn to sing. Every day, he repeats over 7 hours, and is run by his friends and began to take singing lessons. Although he began with this style, he always wanted to demonstrate that he could also perform songs from other musical records and managed to do so by Roman's voice.

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