Mirabela Dauer, after Bogdan Ioan won the vote in Romania

adminDecember 27, 2018

Mirabela Dauer spoke warmly about who won the big prize at the end of the "Voice of Romania" competition, Bogdan. It seems that the one who took this season's title to Romania's best voice, disappointed a few people and raised controversy in the online environment. "The great joy in Romania! It's not worth it!", "After the Romans have the talent", the time came "Romania of Romania" to show that it does not mean any work, will, talent, but only the scoring of the protector.

Rules need to be changed, to win music, not imitators, either by MJ. The girls played gorgeously, they showed that they could sing something. Sin, total disappointment "," We change the name of the show in "Romania's Bear". You can't win by forging …. Not you! "," A disappointment, it's just an imitator! ", Were some of the comments of fans who did not agree with the winner.

Mirabela Dauer, about Bogdan's victory for "The Voice of the Room"

Numerous scandals have begun in the web environment after Bogdan Ioan put Romania's voice on the big trophy. Many just considered it Being a good imitator of Michael Jackson, not a singer with his own personality. "It's over to me with great disappointment. And I'm sure not just for me. I'm a man who likes justice. I'm not saying the big winner is not a sympathetic, talented and charismatic boy. I'm just saying that the three The counterparts he had were visibly better, there is no reason to hide our finger and not recognize anything obvious.

Bogdan Ioan, winner of Romania's 2018 vote
Bogdan Ioan, winner of Romania's 2018 vote

Talking about VOCE, some of the three girls deserved the trophy! And it's a show whose slogan is – Only VOCEA counts – I expected it to count! Unfortunately it was not so! Head up, Dora, Mădălina and Alma! You are artists in true sense of the word, and your star will shine higher than dare to dream! I'm sure of it! ", was the written message to Mirabele Dauer, at a socialization site, about Bogdan Ioan, the winner of Roman's voice.

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